On the news lately have been the exploits of a certain Phillip Onyancha. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Well I guess that means you’ve been living under a rock or in State house. Hate him or love him (if you do love him then you need some therapy). He’s managed to capture the country’s attention and even managed to draw the country’s attention from the World Cup. Esther Arunga and her fingers wouldn’t be able to pay for this kind of publicity. Unlike Es and Quincy, Phill seems to know what he is doing.

Our celeb culture is still in its infancy and very skewed in some sense which is why we feel the need to ask Ng’ang’alito and the Tattuu trio mundane questions about their lives to get a rush. Enter this charming quiet guy who looks nothing like a serial killer. (Damn hollywood for making us believe that serial killers walk around in hooded robes, breathing like Phillipino/Mexican actors and hunting down rich, amorous teens on a deserted Island.) Continue reading