The author was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia with just a hint of lime and lemon juice on the side and a cherry on top.

At the very tender age of 65 he reengineered the spelling of the word ‘Awesome’ by removing all the letters between A and E and replacing them them with his name. To his credit in the literary world are books such as The Dictionary, The Bible, The Encyclopedia and other titles that begin with the word ‘The’. (The is a trademark of the Awesome Corporation. Only to be used with express permission from us)

He has fought and conquered death, old age and boredom and is a recipient of the Tujivunie Tumekreki Award for Distinguished Mental Retardation. His hobbies are few but mentioning them would amount to self incrimination. If you would like to contribute to the work on this blog send in your stuff to or just send up a smoke signal with two dashes in the middle. Otherwise….welcome.

Yenyewe kutakuwa na issues…….