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E! is just one of those channels that makes you feel like you are gradually getting dumber every single time you watch it. I can actually feel brain cells sizzle and die each time my remote somehow tricks me into switching channels. It’s true. It’s actually caused a strained relationship between us. I don’t understand why I would wanna know the effects of Justin Beiber’s new haircut or how Natalie Portman’s baby bump is awesome or whether or not Robert Pattinson is faking his humility. The long and short of it is  that I end up wanting to stab myself with something ridiculously blunt.

But then again you don’t have to turn to E! to get the best of entertainment with respect to reality television. On this side of the globe, we call it the news and we have servings all through the day.  The antics of this great nation are plastered on the half hour shows called bulletins where drama meets stupidity and then the two are introduced to craziness. Place it against all those shows on E! and that stuff looks like it was made for kindergarten. Now, Kenyan reality? That’s for the big boys. That would win a Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy every single year. Continue reading


Yeah I know most of you checked out this note just because of the title. Tim Allen wrote a book by the same exact title and it had nothing to do with naked men as does this note. The fact that you’re still reading shows the pervs are still hoping the story relates. 

Lately it seems like there’s just trash littering the screens. NTV decided to punish me for something with the foreign selection of ‘passion, love and revenge.’ Citizen and Classic are driving me down the path of ‘juju,million naira and you-can’t-marry-him-o’. Don’t get me started on KTN who have resorted to bribing people with pimped out rides and money to watch what they look like after Hellon raided them.

So I’m finding myself just watching adverts. They’re short, simple and I can get the theme which seems pretty obvious; buy me, use me, give your money to my owners. I can dig it. But then even these gems are getting tainted and I’m finding myself at a loss for words. What you ask? Well I’m just perplexed by some of this stuff so I’ll give you just a sample of what I mean. Continue reading

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